Racquetball Season about to begin!

05/10/2012 15:13

With days becoming shorter and the weather becoming cooler its time to get inside and play some racquetball. The first competition will commence in a few weeks time so anyone who wants to play should be getting in some practise now.

Autumn Competition

Castlebar Racquetball Club`s Autumn Competition will begin shortly in An Sportlann. This competition will be a round robin league with 4 or 5 skill divisions. There will be also a competition for beginners.

Matches will be usually scheduled for Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evenings and fixtures will be published on the website. Entry is 15€ for adults and 5€ for juniors (Under 18). Entry fees for students is 10€.

For more information telephone 087 9234514.

New Players

Racquetball provides a great form of exercise which is not boring and you can burn about 700 calories per hour playing at moderate level. The equipqment you need to start plkaying racquetball are a racquet, racquetball ball, runners that will not mark the court floor and goggles to protect your eyes. Some players wear a glove on the racquet hand to get a better grip. To book a court in An Sportlann, telephone 094 9022983 - booking block of 45 minutes are available,