Winter Competition 2013 Drawsheets Now Online

01/02/2013 01:35

Winter Competition 2013 Drawsheets are now online. This competition is run on the Olympic format and players will either go on to compete the Goild Division or drop into the Red, Blue or White Divisions after losing a match.

There is also a handicaps in place and it works as follows -

If both players have the same handicap, either plus or minus – all games start at 0.
If one both players have plus handicaps, the player with the lowest starts each game at 0 and the other players starts with plus the difference of the two handicaps.
E.G.  Player A is +1. Player B is +4. Then A starts each game at 0 and B starts each game at +3. Similarly if both players have a minus handicap.
Where one player has a minus handicap and the other has a plus handicap, then each game begins with the exact handicap.
Matches will be 2 games to 15 points and tiebreaker to 11 points and handicaps are in force for all games including tiebreakers
Click HERE for Drawwsheets