Winter Rollout Fixtures

25/01/2012 12:07

The fixtures for the Winter Rollout which is a Double Elimnination competition with handicaps are now online

Click HERE to view the fixtures

The handicap system works as follows;

If both players have the same handicap, either plus or minus – all games start at 0.

If one both players have plus handicaps, the player with the lowest starts each game at 0 and the other players starts with plus the difference of the two handicaps.

E.G.  Player A is +1. Player B is +4. Then A starts each game at 0 and B starts each game at +3. Similarly if both players have a minus handicap.

Where one player has a minus handicap and the other has a plus handicap, then each game begins with the exact handicap.

Matches will be 2 games to 15 points and tiebreaker to 11 points