About Racquetball

Racquetball is an exciting game you can play with two, three or four people. When two people play it's call singles, with three it's called cut-throat and it's doubles when four play. The equipment you need is a racquet that is somewhat like a tennis racquet, but smaller, and a ball that is made of rubber and is more lively than a tennis ball. Also required is a pair of goggles so that you can protect your eyes if hit by a fast moving ball. The court is indoors and has four walls, ceiling. The backwall in some courts is made of glass. The rules of racquetball are easy to learn.
Racquetball is an offshoot from squash, and has similarities, but yet is a totally different game. Racquetball is a fast game. You have to be fairly quick on your feet to play specially against a more experienced opponent. It's amazing how much running you can do on a small area of just 40ft by 20 ft. With racquetball you use up lots of energy and burn lots of calories per game. The more you move the more you burn.
Racquetball is considered somewhat of an aerobic sport because of the consistent activity and speed of the game. Racquetball is also a great way in burning off those calories. If you play two times a week, you can maintain your weight, and if you play three or more games a week, you can lose weight.
Many racquetball players consider racquetball to be addicting and find they must play at least one game a week.
So watch out! Once you step on the court, you might just get hooked!